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Nduku Wambua holds a Bachelor of Psychology degree from the University of Nairobi, as well as a Master of Science in Clinical psychology from the same university. She is a practicing clinical psychologist in private practice as well as a researcher whose role is to better understand mental health and how we can improve the management of disorder and service delivery to this vulnerable group in Kenya and Africa as a whole.

Nduku’s academic training and experience to date have provided her with an excellent background in mental health management and research. Her current work revolves around research in the health arena, with a focus on child and adolescent mental health: Parent-child relationships, childhood adversity psychopathology and HIV; maternal and child mental health in low resource settings. She has had the privilege of working in both the clinical setting and informal settings. Nduku is currently involved in research looking at:

  • Peer led support groups for young people living with HIV at the Comprehensive Care Centre at the Kenyatta National Hospital. A pilot trial of a peer support group manual developed in Kenya.
  • Burnout among nurses in a referral psychiatric hospital and a referral medical hospital in Botswana: Prevalence, risk and protective factors.

Nduku is also a part-time lecturer at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), College of Health Sciences. As an educator, her goal is to inspire growth in my students by giving them tools to take into other disciplines and into other domains of their life. Psychology is a science that translates across many disciplines and areas of life. It not only encourages but thrives on exploration of the self and the world we live in; tools such as a sense of curiosity, open-mindedness, and a thirst for knowledge become part and parcel of the student’s life.

She is currently pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy in Child and Adolescent Mental Health.

For more information about Nduku reach her on:

Tel: +254 722 161183





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