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Jacqueline A. Anundo

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Jacqueline A. Anundo is a registered clinical psychologist with over 12 years experience. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Clinical Psychology at Daystar University; she holds a Master of Science in clinical psychology from School of medicine, University of Nairobi; Kenya, a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from the University of Nairobi, and a Diploma in Addiction Counseling and Treatment from Support for Addiction Prevention & Treatment in Africa (SAPTA), Kenya. Jacqueline’s greatest passion is to bring healing to people who have been through traumatic/ stressful experiences as well as addiction cases. She is specialized in carrying out Psychological Assessments using various validated tools, psychotherapy and treatment to adolescents and adults with addiction and trauma cases. Her hobbies include travelling, trying out different recipes, photography and swimming. Jacqueline is a member of a number of associations such as: the Clinical Psychologists Association of Kenya (CPAK), Kenya Counsellors and Psychologists Association (KCPA) and ISSUP Kenya Chapter for Addiction professionals. Her passion for research has led her to publish two journal articles:


  • Article id: 3114
    Title: Association of Depression and HIV among Female Injecting Drug Users (FIDUS) In Nairobi County, Kenya

Download link: http://www.researchjournali.com/pdf/3114.pdf

View link: http://www.researchjournali.com/view.php?id=3114

  • Article id: 3254
    Title: Prevalence of HIV Sero Positive among Female Injecting Drug Users (FIDUS) In Nairobi County, Kenya

Download link: http://www.researchjournali.com/pdf/3254.pdf

View link: http://www.researchjournali.com/view.php?id=3254

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CPAK is the national organization representing clinical psychologists who hold accredited post-graduate qualifications in clinical psychology.

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