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  1. An individual full member shall pay an annual subscription of fee of 5000/=.
  2. An Associate Member shall pay an annual subscription of 4000/=.
  3. An Affiliate shall pay an annual subscription of 4000/=.
  4. There shall be no membership fee or subscription for honorary members.

What do members receive by becoming members?

  • Reduced fees at CPAK activities
  • Direct open communication and correspondence with the CPAK regarding matters specific to Clinical Psychologists that keeps one informed of matters in the discipline
  • Communications amongst fellow colleagues and assistance with queries
  • Networking with colleagues that allows for consultation and referrals amongst colleagues
  • Communications about workshops and seminars
  • Advertising of practice on the CPAK website

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CPAK is the national organization representing clinical psychologists who hold accredited post-graduate qualifications in clinical psychology.

CPAK advocates to government, professional and academic organizations, other health professions, and the public about standards of mental health practice.

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